Week 1 - 8th July - Theme: Automatic Pilot

posted 5 Jul 2014, 09:00 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 7 Jul 2014, 10:13 ]
In session one we explored the concept of 'automatic pilot'. It's amazing how much of the time we can be drifting through the day, daydreaming or thinking about the past or the future, without much awareness as to what we are doing in the moment. Through intentionally bringing more awareness to the present moment we can begin to engage at a deeper level with our experience. This can result in increased enjoyment of positive experiences, such as really tasting a delicious meal (rather than eating it whilst texting, watching TV and having a conversation simultaneously) as well as helping us to see how we might habitually react in many situations. This in turn allows us to take more control over our lives, choosing how to respond rather than react. 

Daily practice:

See if you can bring a greater level of awareness and curiosity to a daily activity that you might usually do on automatic pilot. For example, brushing your teeth, having a shower, walking in to work. Really tune in to all of your senses and if your mind wanders onto other things, when you notice, gently bring your awareness back to the activity. 

You are also invited to experience a short formal mindfulness practice, mindfulness of the breath. See if you can engage with the practice (either 10 or 20 minutes) every day between now and next week.

 10 Minute Breathing Exercise 9 minutes 48 secondsDownload

 20 Minute Breathing Exercise
 19 minutes 26 seconds