Week 5 - 5th August - Theme: Mindful communication

posted 4 Aug 2014, 12:58 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 4 Aug 2014, 13:00 ]
In week 5 we consider how mindfulness might be applied to communication. We explore stressful interactions and the when/how of bringing mindfulness to these occasions:
  • In preparing for an interaction and setting our intention, noticing how we are feeling and our instinctive or habitual approach.
  • In the moment and bringing awareness to what is happening, seeing if we can respond rather than react.
  • After the event, reminding ourselves that it is okay not to get things 'right', and that we can be kind to ourselves when we wish we had acted differently. We can then be curious about what happened and see what we can learn to take forward.
We also consider how mindfulness can be brought into other less stressful interactions, potentially enriching our engagement with others and creating greater feelings of connection. We often feel different when we know someone is fully engaged with us, bringing curiosity, openness, acceptance and warmth, and not needing to be anywhere else.

Putting mindful communication into practice

See if you can bring awareness to your interactions this week, whether with colleagues, friends, family or anyone else (e.g. someone who serves you in a shop). What is it like to do this? What do you notice? Can you spot how you might habitually act, and choose to do something different?

As we are coming to the end of this mindfulness introduction course, we are really keen to hear your feedback! Please take a few moments to fill in an evaluation questionnaire.