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Lost and Found

posted 5 Oct 2014, 14:37 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 5 Oct 2014, 14:50 ]
I set out to run, 
Dressed to move.
Adorning shades to shelter my eyes 
From the leaning autumn light. 
A glimpse of light and shade 
Amongst the waving leaves above 
Tempts the eyes. 
Not far to travel 
Before I am lost and found.

Removing my darkened glasses 
I drink in the fullness of the light. 
A confident breeze touches my skin, 
Tickling the leaves above, 
Which rustle with delight. 
Oh the colours. 
Some trees a subtle shift from green to yellow, 
Some a showcase of fiery amber and reds. 
Vibrant, vivid, unapologetically stunning...

Attention jolts with a momentary shiver. 
Enjoyment, or a reminder that I am under-dressed 
To stand and be with the trees? 
I take a moment to acknowledge the time we had. 

My wish to run has passed. 
With these gentle steps 
I am home.

By Peter Morgan