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Three months in - the project so far

posted 23 Dec 2011, 08:33 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 24 Dec 2011, 03:23 ]
As we're moving towards 2012 it seems like a good time to reflect on how the Free Mindfulness project is going. At times it has been a daunting prospect, faced with steep learning curves in website development and editing audio files, but it has been inspiring and encouraging to find others who can see the potential of this project - I am thankful to those who have shown compassion in sharing their recordings and I look forward to collaborating with many more individuals and organisations in days to come. Three months in, here's where we're up to:

  • The website is now fully functional and has been updated with new images.
  • The resources section now has fourteen mindfulness meditation exercises that are free to download, from five different contributors.
  • Before being uploaded to the site, lower quality recordings are now cleaned to remove background noise. 
  • In the first three months the site has been visited just under 200 times by people in 31 different countries.
Plans for next year:
  • Now that the site is up and running it will be advertised more widely, hopefully leading to an increase in the number of collaborators and a rich and varied library of resources. If you would like to share your resources, spread the word or have any comments then we'd be happy to hear from you at
  • Introductory information on mindfulness will be developed and the links section will be fleshed out.
  • A new gallery section will be added with mindfulness related images.
  • There are plans in the pipeline for a series of guest articles.
  • Also look out for us on twitter, @FreeMindfulness