Book Reviews

A quick search reveals an ever-increasing number of introductory mindfulness books. Maybe you are looking for a book to support your first steps into mindfulness, or you already have half a dozen on the shelf but they have not quite hit the right tone for you? Here we aim to provide clear and concise reviews of some of the core mindfulness texts, attempting to differentiate between them in terms of style and audience.

Over time, the number of books reviewed will grow. If you have written a book or have a particular favourite and would like it reviewed here, please get in touch.

Often referred to simply as 'Finding Peace in a Frantic World', this is a well-received book that incorporates a clear introduction to mindfulness with an eight-week program. The book is a collaboration between Danny Penman, a journalist, and Mark Williams, one of the founders of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). This partnership means that the book has a strong grounding in research and practice yet the feel of the book is gentle and accessible. Included is a CD of guided meditations, all around 10 minutes long, which are intended to be practised as part of the eight-week program.

Highlights: This book translates many of the best aspects of MBCT into something which is engaging for a wider audience. It is full of stories, poems and analogies to support a deeper understanding of mindfulness.