Mindfulness-based stress reduction - Freedom from Torture Course

This page has been created to provide access to recordings of the mindfulness exercises to support those attending the April 2014 Freedom from Torture staff mindfulness course. 

Below are the audio files for the mindfulness exercises in MP3 format. To download a particular guided mindfulness exercise left-click 'Download' in the right hand column, or right-click and select 'Save as...'. 

If you are having any problems, drop a quick message to: peter@freemindfulness.org

 Title     Length 
 Body Scan 30 minutes 3 secondsDownload
 10 Minute Breathing 9 minutes 48 secondsDownload

 20 Minute Breathing
 19 minutes 26 seconds   Download

 Title     Length 
 Mindful movement 37 minutes 45 secondsDownload

 Stretch and breath
 19 minutes 26 seconds   Download

 3 Minute breathing space  3 minutes 17 seconds   Download

 Title     Length 
 3 Step breathing space responsive 5 minutes 51 secondsDownload

 Sitting meditation
 34 minutes 51 seconds   Download

 Mindful walking  25 minutes 40 seconds   Download

 Title     Length 
 Working with Difficulty 10 minutes 13 secondsDownload

 40 Minute Just Bells
 40 minutes 3 seconds   Download