Rochdale & Pennine Mindfulness Audio Downloads

Hello - and well done for finding this page!

Below are the audio files for the mindfulness practices. They are the same as on the CDs but in MP3 format. To download left-click 'Download' in the right hand column, or right-click and select 'Save as...'.

Check your handouts to see which practices the group is doing this week. Although it might be tempting to skip ahead, we suggest that you will get the most out of the course by progressing along week by week.

If you are having any problems, let your group teachers know at the next session.

Body Scan

 Title      Length  
 Body Scan introduction 2 minutes 59 seconds Download
 Body Scan (Female voice) 26 minutes 47 seconds Download
 Body Scan (Male voice)  30 minutes 3 seconds Download

Mindful Movement

 Title     Length 
 Mindful movement (lying) 37 minutes 45 secondsDownload
 Stretch and breath (stand then sit)
 19 minutes 26 seconds   Download
 Mindful walking intro 2 minutes 45 seconds Download
 Mindful walking 25 minutes 40 seconds Download

Sitting Meditation

 Title Length 
 Sitting meditation
(breath, body, sounds, thoughts)
 34 minutes 51 seconds Download
10 Minute Breathing 9 minutes 48 secondsDownload
 20 Minute Breathing
 19 minutes 26 seconds   Download
 Working with Difficulty 10 minutes 13 seconds Download

Short Practices

 Title      Length  
 Feet on Floor  2 minutes 5 seconds Download
 The Pause
 1 minutes 58 seconds    Download
 Coming to the Breath  2 minutes 51 seconds    Download
 3 Step Breathing Space (Female voice) 2 minutes 52 seconds Download
 3 Step Breathing Space (Male voice) 3 minutes 17 seconds Download
 3 Step Breathing Space Responding
(Female voice)
 3 minutes 51 seconds Download
 3 Step Breathing Space Responding
(Male voice)
 5 minutes 51 seconds Download
 Standing in Mountain 2 minutes 25 seconds Download
 5 Finger Breathing 1 minutes 43 seconds Download
 Coming to the Breath with Kindness 3 minutes 48 seconds Download

Silence with bells at 5 minute intervals

 Title      Length  
 40 Minute Just Bells
 40 minutes 3 seconds Download
Extra Brief Practices
 Title      Length  

10 Minute Body Scan   

 10 minutes 33 seconds


 Breath and Sounds

 10 minutes 7 seconds


 Sounds and Thoughts

 9 minutes 40 seconds


 Mindfulness of Breath

 8 minutes 51 seconds


 5 Minute Just Bells

 5 minutes 20 seconds