How is my mind right now?

Acknowledge this moment where you have stopped, observed, and noted how your mind is. Whatever you are thinking, whatever you are feeling, simply be aware of this without a need to change what you observe. Whatever is happening now in your experience, is what is happening now in your experience. What we see in mindfulness practice is that these thoughts or feelings or moods are here, and that with an awareness of our experiences we can choose to relate to them in a more compassionate way.

If you would like to try a formal mindfulness exercise, a good place to start is with the breath.

Take a few moments to look and see.

Is it busy? Calm? Are your thoughts racing? Is it a confusing picture, or is it crystal clear?

We are living in an increasingly busy world. Often we are wrapped up in thoughts and feelings, constantly moving from one thing to the next without a moment's peace.

Sometimes is it useful to stop, take a moment to feel the breath, and ask yourself, "How is my mind right now?"