Mindfulness Apps

In keeping with the rest of the site, the main focus will be Apps that can be accessed for free. If you would like to provide a brief review of free mindfulness App that you like, get in touch.

Mindfulness Bell

Available for: Android

This free app allows you to ring a mindfulness bell when you want or set it to go off at intervals throughout the day. Some people like to have it on throughout the day, I often use it when working as a trigger to mindfully 'check-in' every now and again with how I am at that moment.

Meditation Timer & Log

Available for: iOS Platform & Android

A nice simple design, this app has a timer and keeps a log of your meditation time. You can choose silence, interval bells and to have some background music from the app or your own phone.

Smiling Mind

Available for: iOS Platform and as a web app

Described as modern meditation for young people, Smiling Mind is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that offers a series of free mindfulness-based meditations through online and mobile apps. When you sign up, you can specify your age (7-11, 12-15, 16-22 or adult) to get tailored meditations.


Available for: Android

This free app suggests a different informal mindfulness task each day. You can set reminders to prompt you during the day and you are given the opportunity to report back on your progress each evening. An interesting aspect is that you get to see how many people have signed up to the task with you, creating a sense of community in using the app.

App on Google Play: Mindfulness Bell

iTunes: Meditation Timer & Log

Google Play: Meditation Timer & Log

App on iTunes: Smiling Mind

Website: smilingmind.com.au


Facebook: Smiling Mind

App on Google Play: Conscious

If you use any particular apps and would like to see them here, let me know.